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You can't see me! A camouflage game...
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Brent Williams  

You can't see me! A camouflage game... Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  December 23, 2011   2435   1
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You can't see me!  A camouflage game...

I'm not sure if this is a halloween party idea, but I think it would a lot of fun regardless.  The general idea is you tell your residents to make their own camouflage outfit, and that they can blend in to whatever setting they like.  Of course, you have prizes for the best camo outfit, and then if you are close to a wooded area, have everybody go take a picture and see who blends in the best.

(About the picture:  Yes, that is me several years ago creating my own pathetic camo.  Hopefully some of your residents will be able to do better!  I also included some pictures of some other neat camo outfits, and check out Liu Bolin and his amazing disguises!)


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