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Felicia Norman  

String Treasure Hunt Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  March 16, 2012   2927   3
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This is just a cute little game to play with some of the kids in your community. You'll need some supplies but not many and none that are too expensive! I would probably do this in conjunction with some other event like an Easter Egg Hunt, Community Barbeque or any other event you're holding!

Here's all you need:

String in different colors (balls of yarn work - buy a cheap brand and some Dollar Stores have it for $1.00)
Small toys or prizes (Go to your local Dollar Only type store and stock up!)
Paper with the word "START" written on it with a hole punched in one corner.

Here how you play. Designate an area as the game area. This can be anywhere: your community room, the lobby of your leasing office, the playground (Inside or outside places work!) Find a starting point and lay the beginning of your yarn there with the START Papers tied to that end of the yarn. Then, string the yarn everywhere. Up, down, around obstacles, until you get to the end of your string. Then, tie your small prize to the end of the string.

Give each kid a Start portion of the string and have them follow the yarn (rolling it up as they go) until they get to their prize at the end! You can give out a bigger prize to the one who reaches the end first.

Easy and Fun!

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