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The Made Up Introduction Hot

Written by Resident Events On  March 19, 2013   3004   1
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The Made Up Introduction

No matter how much we wish it was the case, when an apartment community is first finding its way in creating a sense of community, most of the residents won’t know anybody else at a community event.  And unlike many multifamily professionals who are unbelievable social butterflies, events like these can be an awkward mess for those that are not as socially adept.  Part of the problem is that many people’s lives are fairly mundane – they work in an office job, for example, come home, watch some TV, etc.  So until people find those critical commonalities, like they both love crocheting, for example, this event gives them temporary new lives to play with for the night!

Basically, when someone comes to the event, you introduce that person to someone already at the event, but rather than, “This is Randy.  He’s lived here for four years.”  Suddenly, you introduce, “This is Randy, he was Tom Brady’s mentor.”  But don’t stop there – silly little introductions are only slightly amusing, but where it gets fun is when you really start to embellish.  “He literally taught Tom everything about football, but he also has some crazy stories to tell.  For example, he told me how Tom once was owed $5 by a friend for buying his cheeseburger one time, but the friend never paid him back.  Next thing you know, Tom is outside his house with a  baseball bat screaming for him to come out.  But the guy wouldn’t come out, so he starts breaking his car windows and slashed his tires.  All for five bucks!  Don’t mess with Tom Brady – he’s a scary dude.”

Obviously, that is all made up and just for fun, but it gives life to that conversation.  Either the guy can run with it and tell another made up story about Tom Brady, or they can just talk about how nuts you are with that story.  Either way, they have a good start to work from.

You can even pre-write all sorts of scenarios on name badges so he can wear a sticker that says, “Crazy Tom Brady’s Mentor”.  Here are a few others that are off the top of my head:

  • Psychic to the Sheiks. He’s basically the Nostradamus of our time
  • Second Shooter On The Grassy Knoll
  • Antonio Banderas’ Stunt Double
  • Former Burlesque Dancer
  • Cold War Spy
  • Tree Hugger – literally lived in a tree for a year
  • Got in a bar fight with Hulk Hogan
  • Also stuck in a well, but Baby Jessica got all the publicity
  • The real singer that Milli Vanilli was lip syncing to.
  • Olympic gold medalist for synchronized swimming – this is best for the biggest, burliest guy that comes to the party, saying in the most serious tone that “he is a gazelle in the water”.
  • Holds the Guinness world record for ___________.

The key is the embellishment.  For example, getting in a bar fight with Hulk Hogan is an interesting story, but when you explain that she slashed a broken bottle in his face, and did you know his eye is actually a glass eye, then suddenly it brings the story to life.  This particular introduction is great for an older grandmother who attends your community event.

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