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The ABC Game, Social Media Style Hot

Written by Resident Events On  July 28, 2013   3100   4
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The ABC Game, Social Media Style

For those who have been on long road trips, you probably know the ABC game, where you have to spot each letter of the alphabet, finally getting to “Z” before anyone else in the car.  Most of us know the pain of trying to get the dreaded letter “Q” when all you see are crops and cows!  Well, this idea uses this basic concept, but applied to your Facebook Fan Page!

The Rules:

·         Residents must take a picture of signs around town that include each letter of the alphabet, and post them to your fan page one by one.

·         Each picture/sign/location can only be used for one letter, so “Abracadabra Magic Shop” couldn’t be used for A,B,C, and D.  (Also, multiple pictures of multiple signs of “Abracadabra Magic Shop” would be against the rules)

·         The picture must be of the entire sign, not just the letter they are seeking

·         License plates are not allowed

·         No pictures from moving cars are allowed, for safety purposes


Rather than just have a “winner take all” with one person cruising through the entire alphabet, you can create a scoring system that opens up more interaction!

·         Each letter earns you one point

·         If a picture gets 10 likes, then that picture earns a bonus point

·         The person first to the letter “Z” earns 3 bonus points

This way, the person who finishes first definitely gets a bonus, but it also shows that the interaction on the pictures is also important to win!  So as the program progresses, remind residents to not only participate in the contest itself, but also “like” the restaurants and locations they see in the pictures, as well.  This could be a great way for residents to talk to each other about their favorite restaurants, stores, and other locations around your community!


Bonus idea:  If the game goes off as planned, you suddenly will have a ton of pictures of local businesses, which is a great opportunity for outreach marketing!  You could share the picture on their fan page, if they have one, or even give them a ring and tell them they were pictured in the contest.  Explain that this is free publicity, and if their picture gets more than 10 likes, it will help that contestant and potentially get even more exposure.  Maybe they will even give away a special coupon or discount for the program under their picture!  There are loads of ways to leverage this contest, so get creative!

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