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Discount Tickets To Local Events
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Brent Williams  

Discount Tickets To Local Events Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  December 17, 2010   2191   0
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Discount Tickets To Local Events

Did you know that you can get group discounts for many of the larger entertainment options around town?  This is especially true for major league teams (i.e., pro basketball, baseball, etc).  These teams have a group coordinator that will tell you what type of discount you can get for how many people.

Then, make it an event where you pass along the discounted tickets to your residents!  Yes, they still have to pay, but you are giving them a special perk by providing great pricing!  Tell them they are more than welcome to bring friends, which will help with outreach marketing, as well as boost your attendance numbers!

The only potential negative is that the group discounts are mainly provided when the teams are not doing so great...   So if you are trying to get group discounts to a #1 team, you might be in for disappointment!

TIP:  Minor league games can be a blast!  They have less corporate sales, which means the people who show up are much likely to actually be true fans!  And surprisingly roller derby is getting to be popular again.  I went to an event earlier this year and it was a great time!  You can also try non-sports related events, although I don't know if they do a similar group pricing strategy.

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