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Stephanie Waugh  

Adults Night Out Hot

Written by Stephanie Waugh On  January 12, 2011   2538   0
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This event takes a little bit of planning, talking with the surrounding area's stores and some employee volunteers. Most community events cater to children and families, however this event caters to the young and middle aged adults! This event offers Adults to come out and mingle with one another while enjoying your community's amenities. It encompasses several different planned activities depending upon what your community has to offer. Activities such as: No Bet Poker (Winner of each round earns a chip and at the end of the series the person with the most chips wins the game), Bags (The bean bag tossing game), Rated R Movie Viewing, Billiards Tournament (you have to have billiards tables for this), Scene It Tournaments (Trivia game), Stepping Tournaments (A type of dance--you can also use different dancing types such as line dancing, or do a 70s party with a Disco tournament), Adult Swimming Hours and last but not least have a social coordinator introducing everyone to each other. Make introductions BIG as people walk in the door so everyone doesn't feel akward talking to each other. NOW that you have the basics down, talking with the local stores in the area will help you get game prizes in exchange for advertising their business in your newsletter or new move-in welcome packets. Having employee volunteers will help you to continue to build a good client management company relationship and judges for dancing, billiards, and other games, dealers for pokers and servers for refreshments. Food should be kept to appetizers and soda pop/water.

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