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Brent Williams  

Pets, Vets, and Pizza Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  May 23, 2011   2757   4
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Pets, Vets, and Pizza

The main portion of this event was shared to me by Dan Cary, and I have added things where I thought would be interesting! This is not eligible for the Best Resident Events contest.

If you drive around your neighborhood, you will realize that almost every store/restaurant/etc in the area wants your residents as customers. Therefore, you can create some great partnership marketing situations by having them provide free services/products in order for some direct marketing exposure! For example, you accept pets at your property, and the local vet would love to have them as “patients”. So have the vet come in for free exams at your property, which gives a valuable service to your residents, plus it gives a great social opportunity as well, as they congregate in your clubhouse! Add some pizza and you have an inexpensive social gathering of people with similar interests.

Make sure to have your camcorder or camera on hand to take pictures of the pets playing. Then post the pictures on Facebook and links to Twitter.

If you pitch the idea to a local vet, explain that this is a great free marketing opportunity to reach your residents, so when the pets actually need a vet for an issue, they know where to go!

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