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What is the MOST important duty of the host at a resident event?
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Andrew Fink  

What is the MOST important duty of the host at a resident event? Hot

Written by Andrew Fink On  September 21, 2011   2732   4
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What is the MOST important duty of the host at a resident event?
So you have already reserved the community room, put out the E-mail blasts, door hangers and flyers, set out the food and drinks and your residents are now arriving. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DUTY YOU HAVE AS HOST?
A) to make sure the food and drinks are full
B) to ask them if they are going to renew their lease
C) to introduce everyone and make sure they are meeting people
D) to ask them how everything is in their apartment

If you answered, "C", give yourself one of those chocolates you have stashed in the office... :)

The purpose of resident events is to get them to meet other people, socialize, make friends and to have a good time. Extroverts will naturally talk to lots of people, but introverts and people in the middle sometimes need a little more attention. Help them to meet other people and break the ice with an introduction. I have hosted over 2000 events and can tell you stories of the quiet person who comes out of their shell when they meet people. When residents make friends in their apartment community, they will be less likely to move when their lease is up.

If you answered "B" or "D", please realize that your GOAL is to get them to renew, but the PURPOSE of the event is to help them put down roots and for you to try to build a true community. In sales, we tend to be hunters where we see our objective and go for it. With retention, you have to be a farmer. Plant the seed, nurture it with fun events, excellent customer service and maintenance and watch how your relationship grows.

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