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Amazing Race Spin-Off Resident Event Idea
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Brent Williams  

Amazing Race Spin-Off Resident Event Idea Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  December 19, 2011   3163   1
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Amazing Race Spin-Off Resident Event Idea

I just read the Amazing Race event idea by Apartment Life and was inspired!  I love their idea, and here is a different spin on that event.  The general idea is to expose the residents to a variety of cultures as they “race around the world”.  Obviously, you are not buying them tickets to travel the globe, so Apartment Life suggested having an event with all sorts of dishes from different cultures!

I suggest another version of that event, so instead of just one day event, you could run this event over a period of several days or weeks!  The “race” would actually be a race to different restaurants in the area, with different food types at each one.  The first person to have a meal at each restaurant wins a prize of some sort.

What’s great about this is you have all sorts of flexibility in your requirements that helps to market the restaurants in the process, which then gives you opportunities to charge for that privilege, or have them market your community as well.  For example, many restaurants would simply pay to be on the list of race restaurants.  But what if you also required contestants to “check in” on the restaurant’s Facebook or FourSquare page?  What if you also did a community review of each restaurant on your blog (if you have one)?  There are a TON of ways to create a really interesting program with the restaurants in exchange for advertising dollars or possibly gift cards that you get to use for future resident retention programs.

Note:  I would recommend thinking a lot about what is required to successfully visit the restaurant per resident.  I would suggest requiring them to buy an entrée or something, because you don’t want them just driving around and checking in, which kind of defeats the point and dramatically cuts down on how long the program runs.  Ideally, you will set up the specifics so that the program lasts a longer period of time (i.e., a week or two), but not so long that people lose interest.

What do you think?  Does this sound like a fun event?

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