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Brent Williams  

Apartment Community Fear Factor Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  April 02, 2012   2844   1
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Apartment Community Fear Factor

People will do a crazy number of things for the chance at money, fame, or just for the sake of winning a bet.  Granted, we can’t do a lot of the crazy stunts the actual Fear Factor does, but one thing that is readily available are the food challenges!  I came across a post recently with some absolutely wild foods you can actually buy at local stores.  (They may not be in the normal supermarkets, so try different ethnic markets for different options)

As for the actual plan, I haven’t watched the actual show in a while, so I don’t know if their format would work for an apartment party setting.  Just make sure you have rules in place and try to think about all the possible outcomes (such as if someone yaks).

You probably won’t be able to find all these crazy foods near you, but hopefully you can find plenty to gross out your residents during the event!  14 Strangest Canned Foods


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