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Meet Your Neighbor Crawfish Boil
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Meet Your Neighbor Crawfish Boil Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 21, 2014   2567   1
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Meet Your Neighbor Crawfish Boil

ts crawfish season time! A crawfish boil is a great way to get your new and old residents together on a fine warm spring weekend. It is a fine mixture of a social gathering and a grand meal. The kids are almost out of school so your new or old resident might meet their future summer sitter.

Once you have determined the number of guests, approximate how many pounds of crawfish you will need. 60 pounds of live crawfish will feed 15 - 30 guests and 90 pounds should feed between 25-35 guests. Go online and find a site that carries LIVE crawfish. Make sure that site guarantees that you will receive them alive. Here is a site that I found: they will deliver to your front door. If you have a Central Market close by, they also carry live crawfish but you need to plan on picking it up in store. Research a website such as this to get ideas on how to cook the crawfish. Here is another website

crawfish boil pot








A few days before the party grab cardboard box lids and line the inside of each with foil. These will serve as your guests plates. On the day of your party set up your folding tables outside. Bring cardboard box lids outside and place on table also. Decorate your area accordingly. Don't forget to play crawfish festival music which can be Zydeco or Jazz.

Crawfish Boil

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