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Community Balcony Upgrade Day! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 04, 2014   3498   1
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Community Balcony Upgrade Day!

Balconies are usually one of the big wow factors of an apartment tour, but once residents move in, it is pretty obvious they don’t take the time to decorate these areas as much as the rest of the apartment.  And since they don’t dress up the place, they tend to not use the space as much as they could!


We are big believers in community projects to help residents spice up their own apartment, and today, we want to help build a plan for residents to tackle their balcony!  We were first inspired by this makeover of an extremely small balcony.  If they can do so much with that balcony, imagine what can be done with bigger canvases!

As you plan a community project like this, it is best to create a few “templates” for residents to choose from, at different price points.  For example, not all residents will want a high end wood deck like in the example above, so offering a cheaper alternative, along with a higher end option is best.  To get a feel for what will work and what won’t, try experimenting on your model apartment, which will be a great value-add for prospects!  You could also give away a few free balcony upgrades as prizes, so you would not only have given a nice benefit away, but also be able to take pictures of other balcony options.  At that point, you could put your high end option in the model, and give away a lower end option.


Gathering the Supplies

If you plan correctly, you might be able to make an arrangement with a local nursery to get some free plants in exchange for promotion to your residents.  Also, work with your suppliers to work out a design scheme and good materials to work with.  You might even reach out to those new to interior design to help with the designs, as a way for them to get some publicity.


Creating the Upgrades

If this project is done as a community event, make sure your maintenance techs are available to help do installs and any skilled labor work, like using power tools.  Do not let residents use any community tools unless you have a waiver of some sort.  Keep in mind that some residents may not be physically able to build their own, so they may need a little extra help.


Optional Non-Community Event

One of the benefits of doing a community event is that the residents get to know each other and work together as they build their project.  They get to admire each other’s work and maybe make some friends.  However, not every community is geared towards this type of project.  So if your community is not, consider adding balcony upgrades as a move-in or renewal upgrade!  It is a unique offering that will set your community apart!


Leverage Your Event!

If you have read enough of these events, you will see that a common theme is to make sure that the event doesn’t get forgotten after the fact!  So make sure to take pictures of all the finished projects with the residents themselves lounging on their newly upgraded balcony! 



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