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Bubble Soccer - Bumper Cars For Your Body
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Bubble Soccer - Bumper Cars For Your Body Hot

Written by Resident Events On  March 16, 2015   3104   0
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Bubble Soccer - Bumper Cars For Your Body

Combine soccer with giant inflatable bubbles, and you have a new hit craze called Bubble Soccer!  We think that this quote from Pinterest user, dra Di, wraps up our thoughts on this fantastic new game:  "Honestly, this just looks like such fun -- I'm not sure what motor skill it develops, unless "pure joy" counts!”   Small to big teams play against each other exactly like the normal soccer game rules, except one major difference: wearing huge plastic Bubbles.  Not only does it not matter what your activity level is, but you can virtually do this ANYWHERE!  Jimmy Fallon even had a two on two match in his building lobby, using two opposing open elevators as goals.  

This overly dramatic video is one of thousands showing how many hours of fun can be spent knocking around with your best-buds or perfect strangers, all of who are going to have a great time!  



Take a moment to search Pinterest ‘Bubble Soccer’, exploring all the different creative ways you could set up your very own league and ‘soccer field’ at your community.  As long as you have teams of equal numbers, you’ve got a game!


The NABS, National Association of Bubble Soccer  even has organized tournaments throughout the country, with guidelines and referees, and even start your own league, to help you further your bubbl-icious career.  


Think this looks awesome for your community?  It’s easy to get the equipment since there are rental companies across the states, like, making it super convenient to host your own game, but not over commit your funds by owning the supplies yourself.  Prices start as low as $300 for 10 Bubble Suits and an event coordinator.  


Organize a “Challenge your Neighboring community!” league.  Organized across your own communities perhaps, or just the locally run neighbors in your area, making it THE event to attend this outdoor season.  


Here’s an example flier that easily gets the word out.

bubble soccer 2 flyer.jpg


Set up out Gatorade coolers and soccer themed cookies for the Side-line quarterbacks, and your events a hit!  A Vanilla & Chocolate CupCake Soccer Cake is simple and crafty looking.   And of course, every soccer game needs orange slices!  Your FUN possibilities are endless!!  Now go have fun.  :-)







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