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Can Your Residents Escape? Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 03, 2015   3187   0
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Can Your Residents Escape?

You are locked in a room with time ticking down.  There are clues all around you, but can you piece together the puzzle to escape in time?

"Escape Rooms" are becoming incredibly popular throughout the country, and would make for an excellent team building event for your office staff or residents!  We tested out the Houston Escape Room, and had a great time working out the clues to beat the room.  (Here is a list of Escape Rooms throughout the country)  Our group had only 4 people, so they teamed us up with another group of 5 people, which actually helped to prove one of the great benefits of this event - team building!  We went from not knowing any of them to feeling pretty close to them after just one hour.  We were forced to work together to share clues and brainstorm ways to approach each challenge.  If they had been fellow residents from our apartment community, I can easily see how the experience could have evolved into getting to know them even better. 

One of the most powerful ways you can create team building and rapport building moments is have that team actually DO something, not simply exist.  Compare this to a pool party where everyone is free to lounge around and not interact at all, this event requires that everyone break down their own social barriers to work as a team and beat the clock.  Not only did we have to work together, but we are now eternally linked as being part of the same team. 

The challenge to this type of event, of course, is cost.  The cost for our escape room was $25/person.  However, I am sure group rates could be obtained.  But even then, that is pretty pricey!  So here are two options to consider:

1)      Take your newest residents.  In other words, plan events once a month that include only the newest residents so they can immediately get hooked into the community.  From what we have observed, there is a critical window for the ability for residents to make connections within the community - right when they move in, residents appear to be much more open to getting to know their neighbors, but once they have settled in, that potential drops dramatically.  So hooking them into the "community" right away is key!

2)      Take your long-term VIP residents.  We often talk about having benefits increase as a resident stays at a community, where they get special perks the longer they are a resident.  So this type of event could be one that only top-level residents, such as those who stay the longest, can attend.  Wouldn't it be great if your long time residents could say, "Yeah, my community hooks me up with tickets to XYZ because I've been there a really long time."

So I hope that you see this as both a neat event to consider, but also as a different way to view events, where each event isn't necessarily meant to encompass the entire community, but rather create more intimate environments where residents are inspired to get to know each other better than a big summer party ever could.



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