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End of Summer Cool Down with a Make Your Own Smoothie Day
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End of Summer Cool Down with a Make Your Own Smoothie Day Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 05, 2016   2223   0
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End of Summer Cool Down with a Make Your Own Smoothie Day

Fresh fruit and veggie smoothies are great for all ages. Because they’re made with fresh whole-food ingredients, they’re filled with vital vitamins and minerals and also have a bunch of fiber to keep us fuller longer. Not only that, but they are great for both weight loss and even weight gain (for those that need it) by only changing the base ingredients.

You’ll only want to attempt this event if you have easy access to a sink or other potable water to rinse and wash the blenders as you make the smoothies for residents.

Image source: Pinterest


If you are looking for a way to cool down residents and please the kids, here is your go-to guide for running a healthy and fun build your own smoothie event at the end of the summer season.

Planning and preparations

When planning your event, collect the
best recipes from around the net. Consider printing pictures of the smoothies and all-real-food smoothie recipe instructions to create stand up recipe cards to add around your smoothie-making stations.

Image source:

There are a few basic components to the perfect smoothie: fruit and liquid. Ice can also be added for a cooler drink. Feel free to include whatever fruits are in season in your area as well as other frozen fruits and veggies. Here are a few of the smoothie ingredients you may want to have on hand.


Fruits and veggies
There are dozens of popular fruits and vegetables so I won’t list them all here. Some of the more popular late summer smoothie items, however, include berries, melon, and banana.

Be sure to include all the ingredients needed to make the recipes you plan to post, and then a few extra as well. What you include will depend on your community likes (and dislikes) and event budget.

Liquids and creams (for ease of blending)

·         Fruit juice

·         Milk

·         Ice cream

·         Soymilk

·         Yogurt

·         Coconut milk


Flavor/calorie add-ins

·         Protein powder

·         Multivitamin powders

·         Probiotics

·         Cocoa powder

·         Cinnamon

·         Grated nutmeg

·         Vanilla essence

For texture and extra fiber

·         Flaxseeds

·         Toasted chopped nuts

·         Whole oats



·         Mint leaves

·         Sliced fruit

·         Tropical paper drink umbrellas ($4.20 for 144)

·         Colorful or striped smoothie straws (straight straws work best!)


**SAFETY TIP** At this event, residents may come into contact with food residues from other resident’s orders. Be careful of any food allergies and make people aware of what ingredients are being used in the smoothies.

You’ll want to have at least two blenders available for making smoothies so that one can be rinsed while the other is in use. Depending on expected demand (and the demographic of your community) you may want to have additional blenders, and staff to attend the blenders, available.

**TIP** For the smoothest results and dreamiest blends, use a mix of fresh and frozen fruit instead of ice to whip up the creamiest smoothies. Buy frozen fruits and veggies in bulk. Keep them in resealable bags or containers, in ice chests with ice, on the day of your event.

Day of the event

Arrange the fresh cut and frozen fruits and vegetables and other add-ins in clearly marked bowls either on tables or inside ice chests. Offer spoons or tongs to residents.


1.       Have residents fill a cup with the needed ingredients as per their taste and desire

Image sources: Martha Stewart

2.       Once filled, they can hand over the cup to have the smoothie blended up by staff. (For speed and safety reasons, it’s better to do the blending for your residents instead of allowing them to do it themselves.)

3.       If using plastic to-go cups with lids ($17 for 100), you can just pour the blended smoothie right back into the same cup to serve the resident.

4.       Add some garnish, a lid, a colorful IKEA straw ($6.99 for 100), then top with a festive umbrella, and residents are good to go!


**GO GREEN TIP**If you have access to a larger full kitchen you may want to make your event more earth-friendly by renting and using reusing glasses made of clear plastic or glass. Keep extra disposables on hand just in case. You may have a few residents that need to take their smoothie to go or you may have overwhelming demand and people don’t drink their smoothies and return their glasses quickly enough. As the cups are used you can rinse and rewash them for reuse.

Have a great event, and remember, “In life, much like smoothies, you get what you put in!”


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