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Celebrate National Potato Month with a Spud-tacular Event!
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Celebrate National Potato Month with a Spud-tacular Event! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 19, 2016   2101   0
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Celebrate National Potato Month with a Spud-tacular Event!

September is National Potato Month, and what better way to celebrate than inviting residents to take part in a fun potato-themed event. Here are a few activities to keep everyone entertained at your spud-tacular event.

Potato Games

Potato Car Races / Potato Derby

Potato car races are a great activity for all ages. Kids especially love to make their spud vehicles and race them to see how they compare to others’ creations. To make a mini potato racing event you’ll need very few things – a racetrack, potato cars, and lots of excitement. 


Image source: Cruise Oregon

Building the racetrack is a great handyman project to beat monotony of regular community repairs and activities. Here are instructions for building your own derby track.

The cars can either be made ahead of time by residents or supplies like derby car wheels, nails, washers, bolts, toothpicks and other car “decorations” can be provided the day of the event. 

Here are some additional tips for making potato derby race cars. You can also share this fun potato derby video with residents.



Potato Sack Races

If you have a wide green area on your property this is a great racing activity to get the blood pumping. It’s also suitable for all ages – including adults! However, if you don’t have any large green spaces in your community, I don’t recommend racing on pavement or in parking lots because if anyone falls they can fall pretty hard and could get seriously injured on cement.

Image credit: Akronist

1. Potato sacks can be bought or borrowed from local farmers and supply stores. You can also make them yourself.

2. Have two judges on hand to make sure everyone is playing fair and set one up on each of the start and finish lines. 

3. It’s best to set up age groups and ranges for these types of events to ensure they are a more fairly competitive, what ages you group together depends on the demographic of your community and the number of participants. 

Potato Spoon Run

This is another racing game that involves holding a potato on a large spoon and racing to a specific point and then back where the participants started. It’s harder than just maintaining the speed required to run and win. This activity involves keeping a potato carefully balanced on a large spoon for the entire race – and dropping the potato means disqualification.

Gather up some old spoons from your house or you can find cheap used spoons at local yard sales and thrift stores.


Image credit: The 42

Potato Toss

This game is similar to beanbag throw in that participants have to get the potato through a small opening to score points and/or win prizes. If you already have a bean-bag toss that you use for your annual summer carnival it can be easily repurposed for this potato themed event.

**TIP** don’t forget the winners’ trophies and certificates of participation for residents. Trophies can be customized with potato-themed images and/or with the community branding.

Potato Kids Crafts

There are tons of fun craft ideas using potatoes, here are just a few:

Potato Stamp Prints

This is a craft where children use potatoes to stamp designs on paper or other items to make creative patterns and designs. 

1. Older children can be allowed to design and/or carve their own potatoes with parent supervision. Younger children can use made-ahead simple stamps like hearts, stars, triangles, and other simple shapes. 

2. One easy way to make quick potato stamps is to use cookie cutters to help cut off excess potato when crafting a stamp.

3. Purchase disposable paper plates for paint trays and washable poster paint for stamping

4. Large paper works best for these larger “stamps” so ensure you have some bigger colored paper sheets on hand.


Image source: Fun Stuff To Do

**TIP** For even more memorable fun, make fabric paint available to residents and encourage parents to bring along an old t-shirt to make a washable and wearable potato-themed souvenir of the community potato day event!

Rolling Potato Borders

More intricate than your basic potato print, rolling potato prints are cut on the edges of thick round potato slice and then rolled over a paper to make a continuous border design. This method creates long designs that can be used to craft borders, stripes, or edges to other stamps. 

**TIP** Pre-cut a few straws for the potato axels.

Image source: We Heart It


Potato-based Recipe Swap

The only requirement of the potato recipe swap is that potato has to be one of the main ingredients. 

Potato lovers can bring recipe cards for their favorite potato-inclusive meals to share and swap with other residents. You can also have residents email their recipes to you ahead of time. Compile submitted recipes into a booklet to you send out via your monthly newsletter after the event.

**TIP** For even more fun, and to make it a taste-tantalizing event, encourage a resident potluck.


Image source: Food Network


Have residents bring potato-themed snacks, salads, entrees and desserts (hey, sweet potato pie counts!) to the event to share with their neighbors. Be sure to prepare for messes by covering floors and tables as needed and make plates, cutlery, and drinks available to residents.


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