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Village Sampler – An Upscale Silent Auction for Charity
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Village Sampler – An Upscale Silent Auction for Charity Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 26, 2016   1585   0
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Village Sampler – An Upscale Silent Auction for Charity

A classy village sampler is a great way create buzz for a Class A community while also giving residents the opportunity to get all dressed up and donate to a worthy cause. 

The goal of this type of event is four fold: 

1. Build partnerships with local press and businesses

2. Gather donations for a good cause

3. Create a classy, exciting, and memorable event for your residents

4. Generate positive buzz for your living community

Additionally, if you incorporate live entertainment and a silent art auction into the event you can generate interest and exposure for local musicians and artisans as well.

Here are a few tips for making your Village Sampler event a stunning success:

Keep it upscale

Charge residents and guests $10 for entry with the understanding that all proceeds are going to a charity. Ensure that dress guidelines for the event are posted and shared early on to help ensure that most (if not all) guests arrive looking beautiful and elegant.

When inviting local restaurants to set up a food or drink sampling booth, consider the company’s reputation and quality before reaching out. 

Upscale restaurants, bars, and boutiques are also excellent sources of funding to consider and can provide beautiful options for the silent auction. Small family owned businesses are also great sources of gift baskets and other auction items - don’t ignore the little guys!

The more extravagant and enticing your auction items, the more incentive there will be for residents to purchase tickets to attend. Also, the more high-profile your partners, the more press and exposure you can expect from their marketing efforts as well. 

Choosing a charity

Take the time to research charities that may be smaller or less well known. Pick a charity that is doing great work for a portion of the community that your residents care about. 

When choosing your charity, consider the demographic of your community residents and the surrounding area. If your community is largely made up of older retired adults choose a local charity that is doing work in ways they will care the most about. Veteran’s-based non-profits and work with children are both good bets for this age group.

However, if your community is largely made if urban hipsters, a non-profit that promotes urban farming or gleaning, or helps young parents, teens, or students, might be a better option for that demographic. 

Additionally, the time of year that you host the event should factor into your charity planning as well. A donation drive to benefit a local shelter or non-profit that feeds Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless will not do as well raising funds in the middle of March! Time you event to holidays and other days of giving to endure the best turn out and largest amount of donations raised.

Partner up!

Collaborations are key to a successful Village Sampler event. Make sure that you market your partners generously and cross promote your involvement in the upcoming fundraiser. 

You will get better results and better local press if you choose a local charity to receive the proceeds from the event. 

**TIP** Be sure to let the recipient organization know well in advance of your plan so that you can coordinate your marketing efforts and get more local press coverage and attention. The wider your reach, and the more involved you are with the organization you are planning to support, the stronger the event will become. You’ll also begin receiving better donations from local companies. 

Also, consider creating collateral your partners can display at their establishment to promote the event!

Press Releases

Press releases are key for an event of this scale and style, so make sure that your press release is as powerful as possible by following these tips.

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Also, reach out to local arts and event’s columnists to inform them about your upcoming event. Be sure to send beautiful invitations or press passes to local notable writers and news anchor personalities. 

**TIP** Remember, even a single well-placed feature or news mention about the success of your fundraising event can cause ripple waves of exposure for your community. The press can result in new traffic and leasing in the months to follow. 

Art Auction

To get the attention of local artists you’ll need to start promoting the event months in advance.  Put calls out for donations on every local art and craft forum. Network with local schools and colleges to gain beautiful student entries and donations. You may also want to reach out to specific local artists individually through their websites and Facebook pages. 


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If you are donating to a children’s non-profit, you may want to consider holding an art auction of drawings and paintings made by the children themselves! 

Think outside the box and be sure to set up time to brainstorm and collaborate with the charity you are supporting as well. 

Live Entertainment

When it comes to live entertainment, who you invite will depend entirely on the demographic of your community. However, aim for headliners that are not overly aggressive or subversive personalities in order to keep the event relatively non-offensive and upscale and child-friendly. 

**TIP** Tap into the management portfolios of local music management companies. Reach out to them and get them on board to sponsor their newly signed artists for the event! 


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Musicians are always looking for venues that will get them additional following and exposure. If you can promise marketing and promotion in exchange for their donated time, then by all means rope them into a charity music event as well! 

With some careful planning and solid networking you can be sure to throw together a great event that will keep your residents entertained, while also raising a ton of money for a worthy cause!





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