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Crazy, Clanking, Soda Can Games Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 14, 2017   1198   0
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Crazy, Clanking, Soda Can Games

Gather up all the used soda cans because we found a ton of soda can games for your next resident event!

Shoot the can game

One fun-tastic, carnival-inspired game played with soda cans (which never gets old) is stacking the cans up in a pyramid and then knocking them back down.

Residents use rubber bands to shoot away the stacked cans…slingshot style!

***TIP*** To create an adrenaline rush factor, set up time limits. For example, every player has 60 seconds to topple over the pyramid.

***BONUS*** The cans can topple over easily in wind, so it is important to keep fans or breeze in check.

Kick the can game

I'll admit, I'm not 80 years old, so I don't know what real kick the can is, but this next game is literally kicking a can, so we're going to run with it!

This game is best done in pairs – with each set of people competing against time and each other.

Every time a player puts the can in the bucket, a point is earned. So it’s all about who put the most cans into the bucket first!

Float it up

Now this will make an exciting game…a floating can tower!  Yes, it comes from the same group that did the first two, but these just look like so much fun, we decided to share more than one!

Residents build the tower of cans floating on water! The one who stacks all their cans first, without the tower tumbling, is the winner!

Can relay

This can relay game will make everyone hold their breath!

This game needs a team of at least two members. The first player adds can on top of a can and carries it to the other team member’s table. The second team member adds another can on top of the previous stack and carries it to another team member’s table.

The relay ends when all the team’s cans are lined up as a tower and placed back the first team member’s table!

***BONUS*** To increase or decrease the difficulty level of the game, the distance between the tables of the team members can be adjusted accordingly.



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