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Growing Micro-greens Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 16, 2017   1787   0
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Growing Micro-greens

Who doesn’t love the idea of growing their own food - even if it’s just a little of it.  

This week, we’ve put together an educational event for you that will teach and encourage residents to plant micro greens

The reason we selected micro-greens is because these plants are easy to grow, manage, and are also full of healthy nutrients. Some of the commonly grown micro greens include: lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, beet, radish, and watercress. 

Growing micro-greens is the perfect solution for urban families who do not have time or space to care for a full garden. 

For this event, participants will be assisted step by step in growing their own plants.

Image source: Pixabay


•Shallow trays (disposable plastic dishes work well).

•Organic potting soil

•Seeds of various micro greens

•A spray bottle

Image source: Pixabay

Steps to growing micro greens

1.To start off, tell the participants to poke a few holes on the base of the tray or pot to ensure a drainage system. 

2.Make sure to view the instructions on the seed packet to see if there are any special directions. 

3.Cover the tray with around two inches of moistened potting soil.

4.Scatter the seeds evenly, and cover with a thin layer of soil. 

5.Use the spray bottle to gently and evenly moisten the soil. 

6.Keep the container on a window sill, preferably facing south (as it would ensure direct sunlight). 

7.Keep the soil moist by spraying it once or twice daily. However, make sure the soil is merely moistened and not wet. 

8.Wait for the seeds to sprout (in 3 – 4 days); keep spraying the soil with water. 

The greens will be ready to harvest in about 2- 4 weeks; depending on the seed.

The video below demonstrates the growth of a micro-green seed to harvest:

Motivating residents

To increase motivation among residents to continue the cycle of planting and harvesting greens, share fun facts about the nutritional value of these plants and how critical the nutrients are at each stage of life. 

For example, researchers have found that micro-green vegetables are highest in Vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are vital for eyes, skin and for fighting cancer. 

Image source: Pixabay

Give out more resources

Provide additional recipes and resources to increase micro greens usage and cultivation

Providing free online recipes that utilize micro-greens will help the participants become better consumers and cultivators of their mini gardens. Some great recipes which utilize micro-greens can be found here. You can share these recipes on your social pages, or via your newsletter and email systems.

***BONUS*** If there are any elderly or retired people who love gardening, they may be asked to volunteer to grow micro-greens in the community center. These can be used by the community residents. 

This could be a resource for the community and also serve as a therapeutic outlet for the volunteering residents. 

Happy growing!





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