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Fun in No Sun - Solar Eclipse Party
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Fun in No Sun - Solar Eclipse Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 04, 2017   1581   0
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Fun in No Sun - Solar Eclipse Party

There is a rare event coming to your city! To attend, all you’ll need to do is step outside and look up!

Later this August, (on August, 21 exactly) a total or partial solar eclipse will pass over cities all across North America. 

The sun, moon, and earth all have to perfectly align to form an eclipse. According to USA Today, “On average, a total eclipse is visible from any one spot on Earth about once every 375 years. In the U.S., it takes about 1,000 years for every geographic location in the Lower 48 to be able to view a total solar eclipse.” 

You have to be in the right place at the right time to observe a total solar eclipse.

Here’s more on why a total solar eclipse is a very big deal:

Make a plan to enjoy this rare celestial event with residents by planning a solar eclipse party! 

Who can see it?

If you are wondering if your community is in the path of the eclipse, there are charts you can access online. 

By far, the most accurate and interactive chart can be found on the NASA website itself.

Image source: Great American Eclipse

NASA has also put together some great resources for hosting an eclipse party in the path of totality. From activity ideas to editable printable flyers, NASA has you covered.

However, even if you are only able to view a partial eclipse, this can still be a fun and interesting reason to celebrate.

Do plan to take part in this historic event if you’re located in any part of the country. The umbral or penumbral shadow will be passing over your community.

Image source: US eclipse states

For those not in the path of the total eclipse, you can also livestream the main event in your clubhouse or lounge area to partake in the excitement. 

NASA will be offering spectacular NASA EDGE Megacast of the celestial event. You can read more about how to access the livestream via UStream, Facebook, and YouTube, over on NASA’s website. 


How to watch (Safely!)

For obvious reasons, it’s not advised to look at the sun directly during a solar eclipse or any other time. 

Speaking on sun viewing safety, Eclipse Geeks notes, “Even at 99% obscurity, the sun is powerful enough to damage the retina of your eyes.” This can lead to eye damage and even blindness!

The only time a solar eclipse can be directly viewed is during totality.

You’ll need special sunglasses to look through if you want to look directly at the sun or partial solar eclipse as it passes over your area.

Image source: Eclipse Geeks

You can order as many special eclipse glasses as you may need for residents here. These five companies also sell eclipse glasses certified as safe.

Don’t miss this once-in a lifetime opportunity if your community is in the path of totality. No matter what type of eclipse will pass over your area, make the most of the event, stay safe, and have a solar blast!



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