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Joke Day at the Gates Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 11, 2017   3148   0
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Joke Day at the Gates

August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day! 

What better way to celebrate than by sharing some laughter with your community’s residents.

Build some laughter into your day

If you want to build a safe and fun community, you have to be able to live, laugh, and lounge together. A joke day at the gates is one of the best ways to increase good vibes in your community one joke at a time.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of National Tell a Joke Day in your community. 

Sharing the Joke

Joke at the Gate - If you want to make the morning of it, get to work early and see your resident’s off to work and school at the community gate.  You can also simply get a piece of poster board and put "National Tell a Joke Day" at the top.  Below it share a silly joke of some sort, but leave space at the bottom.  Tie the poster board up facing the community in the morning, then write the answer at the bottom and switch it to the other side of the gate in the afternoon!  

Joke in the Office - You can also get a whiteboard and post the joke(s) in the office, and even give away prizes to those who get the joke right!  On our last cruise, we ended up doing something similar:  People often put up little white boards on their room door to coordinate with their group about where they are going on the ship.  So we started writing corny jokes on one particular white board, and sure enough, random people started giving answers to the jokes!  A silly joke like, "Why don't bears wear socks?" ended up being a fun little game for a lot of people!  (Answer:  Because they have bear feet!)

Finding jokes

It can be hard to find good clean, and most importantly short jokes to share at the gate. Consider picking up a few books of kids jokes at a local used bookstore, or borrow from your local library.

You’ll want to work on your delivery, so take a few pointers from these kids:

No matter how you decide to tell your jokes, there are plenty of resources.

There are numerous online joke generators, but be careful, as not all jokes may be acceptable for all audiences. 

You can also access clean joke databases, or purchase children’s joke books online. 

Joke e-cards

Image source: The Odyssey Online

Prepare ahead for the day by prepping a joke newsletter or sending out a joke e-cards to residents. You can find e-cards on 123Greetings or design your own graphic to send out to residents.

Jokes and riddles on social media 

Another way to get residents involved in the fun is to schedule ahead some jokes and riddles to go live on your social media channels. 

If you don’t already use a post scheduler you can use a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule these posts in advance. On National Tell a Joke Day you’ll be free to concentrate on other things!

Make fun and funny graphics using a free online graphics editing software like Canva. Then post all the jokes and riddles to social media. 

For riddles, let resident’s guess the answer in the comments before telling the actual answer to the riddle a bit later in the day.

Hopefully, you’ll end National Tell a Joke Day with a few happy moment under your belt. You’ll also have started the day off right for many community residents.



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