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Glow Party! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 07, 2017   1493   0
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Glow Party!

Light sticks and glow sticks were originally developed for military, police, fire, and EMS use. But there are plenty of other fun ways to use them.

Now we can use glow sticks for events like parties, festivals, pool play, and even making paths in the dark.

Plan a glow party for your community, dim the lights, and have a glowing great time!


Where to find them?

You can purchase glow sticks from most dollar stores and major retailers, but bulk quantities for a large community event you’ll want to purchase from a party-supply wholesaler. 


Glow Products and Glow Universe offer bulk discounts on large quantities of glow sticks for parties and other events. Online shops carry an assortment of glow stick sizes, styles, and colors to keep the party interesting. 

Here are some more shots of a very talented glowstick “poi” dancer:

11 Awesome Gifs of Glowstick Poi Dance

Now imagine a whole room of this! How exciting is that?

Consider purchasing a range of sizes and colors of glow sticks. There are some that can be tied on strings, bracelet and necklace varieties, and even flexible ones that will make your upcoming event even more fun!

***BONUS*** You may also want to have some LED lights, toys, cups, and other flashing devices on hand for everyone to try.


Give residents glows ticks tied to strings or shoelaces, turn out the lights, and let everyone have a blast!

Here are some tricks to try:

Encourage residents to try some of these moves! They can also get creative and invent their own.

***TIP*** Here is another video of glowstringing in action. Have residents try doubling up on colors for more interesting effects. 


Every tried glow bowling or tic-tac-toe in the dark? Consider adding some of these glow-in-the-dark games to your event:

Glow-in-the-dark Twister


Glow bowling

Ring toss

Glow in the dark beach balls

If you want to open up the pool for night swimming as part of the event you can also throw a few dozen glowsticks in the pool to light it up!

Image source: Active Dark

For extra flair – blow up some LED helium balloons to decorate and make your space a bit brighter.

Getting a full room of glowstick slingers together is bound to be heaps of fun.

Remember, have plenty of sticks, string, and water on hand. Residents will burn plenty of calories and work up a sweat with this colorful and energetic glow party!



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