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Cut Your Energy Costs Competition
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Cut Your Energy Costs Competition Hot

Written by Resident Events On  December 29, 2017   923   0
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Cut Your Energy Costs Competition

Reduce energy costs in resident’s homes this month. To officially participate, residents will need to provide a few things.

Set an energy consumption baseline

Have residents bring in a copy of their previous year’s bill for the same month. If they haven't been with your community that long, they can also bring their previous month’s bill. Just make sure it states the exact amount of gas and/or electricity used the month prior so you can determine a baseline. 

Get residents thinking about their energy usage. Give ideas of ways they can conserve resources and cash in the year ahead.

Though it may be hard for some in the family to do…


Create a checklist and give energy-saving ideas

Provide a list of energy saving ideas: 

•Adjust the thermostat. Also, turn down the heat and cooling when you’re not home.

•Switch off all unnecessary lights when you are home.

•Skip standby mode. Instead, turn off all “vampire” electronics and appliances at the power strip when you’re not using them. These include things like TVs, cordless phones, desktop computers, coffee makers, microwaves, and gaming consoles.

•Take shorter showers to save on water consumption and heating costs.

•Use lids while cooking to reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%

•Repack the freezer tightly.

•Block drafts on doors and windows to insulate. Encourage heavier draping in resident’s homes.

•Check caulking and weather-stripping around windows and doors.

•If your community has reversible ceiling fans, remind residents to switch them so they push heat down in winter.

•Most residents will already be using compact fluorescent light bulbs. However to save even more energy, encourage residents to graduate to LEDs.

Create the challenge

Challenge residents to put into practice some of the items on the list. Have residents check them off as they go. You can also encourage them to come up with their own creative ways of conservation!

Award prizes to residents who cut their energy usage dramatically. You can award prizes based on total kilowatt hours (kWh) reduced, for example. You can also award prizes based on which family was able to reduce the greatest percentage reduction from their prior bill. 

To really make an impact with the grand prize, consider upgrading the winner to new Energy Star Certified appliances to further reduce their energy costs in 2018. You can also give $$$ towards their energy bill or award local gift certificates!

Other earth-friendly and energy-saving runner-up prize ideas:

•Solar backpacks

•Low-energy consumption tablets

•USB electronics projectors

•Remote control power strips

•Solar car chargers

Remember, the goal is to get residents to be more mindful of their overall energy year-round. So this is a great activity to try any time of year. You’ll save residents money, but ensure your community is doing their part to save the planet as well! 

You can also get your local utility company on board as a sponsor, or to offer audits and advice! Some energy companies offer this service for free. 

Be sure to calculate, and share, the total energy saved across your community. Spread the joy of what you were also to accomplish together!


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