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Trash into Treasure Recycled Art
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Trash into Treasure Recycled Art Hot

Written by Resident Events On  February 16, 2018   1190   0
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Trash into Treasure Recycled Art

Ready to turn your trash into treasure?

Art made from up-cycled materials teaches children (and adults) so many lessons. 

In an age where we are polluting the planet in detrimental ways, creating beauty out of discarded (but still useful) scraps is a creative way to teach children valuable life and environmental lessons.

Encourage creative use of materials in your community with this fun trash to treasure craft event! 

With this recycled art project, there are a few things to consider… 

Gathering materials

Collect together all kinds of clean and recyclable trash and scraps from both local businesses and/or residents.

These beautiful flowers were created using old plastic bottles!

Image credit: Pixabay

Ideas of things to collect for use in art-making include:

•Cardboard boxes

•White and colored paper scraps 

•Old magazines

•Fabric scraps

•Ribbons, rope, yarn, string, shoelaces, etc.

•Wrapping paper tubes and other paper tubes

•Old shoe boxes or tissue boxes

•Thoroughly washed plastic cups

•Thoroughly washed cans and other plastic bottles

•Egg cartons


•Polystyrene trays


•Rubber bands

**TIP** Check with your local print shop for free paper scraps before they’re recycled! You can also check with local tailors for fabric scraps as well. Remember, they don’t need to be big pieces. Even small scraps may be just the thing a child needs to finish off a flag for a castle or curtains for a window dressing in their house.


Image source: Fun-a-Day

Remember, all upcycled art and craft supplies should be in a useful and clean condition. Do not save craft supplies that are soiled by food or liquid. Always wash used food containers thoroughly before giving them out for kids to use as craft materials.

Crafting the creations!

For the craft part of the project, provide things like...

•School glue

•Warm (or hot) glue guns 



•Hole punchers

•Paint and brushes


•Googly eyes

•Twist ties

•Colorful pipe cleaners

Allow children (and parents!) to make creative and unusual masterpieces using only the scraps they’ve been provided and their colorful imaginations!

***BONUS*** One optional idea is to also read the book Magic Trash - A True Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art together before setting residents loose on the materials to craft their creations.

Have fun turning your trash into treasure!




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