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Community Speed Friending! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  July 26, 2018   854   0
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Community Speed Friending!

Can’t we all just get along?


Speed friending is sweeping the nation. We’ve all heard of speed dating and its benefits: speed-friending is no different. People want to make new friends, but it’s hard to figure out how to go about it. With speed friending, residents can pursue the goal without appearing desperate.


Speed friending is just what it sounds like, except the goal is to find friends instead of dates! You can host the event on-site, in a local coffee shop, or at a lounge area near your community.


Speed friending is like an icebreaker with a bit of a twist: it combines rotations (well-known in speed-dating) with conversation starters. Instead of making the whole group mingle together, you can let people get to know each other one-on-one. This set-up allows people to meet, visit, and mingle in a way that dissolves awkward social barriers.


Making a quick connection


With speed-friending, half the group is sitting and the other half of the group rotates. Every five minutes you ring a bell and the rotating group gets up and moves to the next sitting person.



Residents will have a chance to chat, develop a connection, and possibly develop a friendship as well…or at least the start of one!


Remember, the time limits are flexible. If you have a larger group of people you can adjust the timing accordingly.


Ice-breaking discussion starters


You can find thousands of speed-friending discussion starter questions on Pinterest.


Print the questions, cut them up, and add them to a bag on the table. Residents can grab from the bag if they get stuck in the conversation.

However, as people warm up, you may be surprised to notice they need less prompts to keep the conversation going!



Image source: Pixabay


***TIP*** Use a countdown timer on your phone for each round. Ring a loud bell when it’s time to rotate. It can be hard for everyone to hear the sound of your timer over the talking and laughing. Make sure your “move along” signal is loud enough for everyone to hear over the din!


Play the Name Game


Learning each other's names will both strengthen bonds in your community and also help residents sharpen their memory and networking skills.


***BONUS*** Award prizes to those who can remember the most names of everyone in the room to encourage active participation!




Speed friending allows residents to quickly identify other community residents with common interests. In five minutes, the conversations won’t be deep, scripted, or profound. However, by simply discussing likes and dislikes in an informal way, residents may find that those first discussions can lead to future friendships.

Will this really work? Will residents be able to meet and find their next BFF in only five minutes?

While it’s possible that no friendships will be formed, there’s nothing to lose! Even if no lasting friendships form as a result of the event, your community members will have learned more about their neighbors.



Residents will feel more connected to their community and more comfortable with each other if they pass in the halls, car park, office, or gym. The result being a friendlier, and safer, community for all! 


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