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On-Site Dance Lessons Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 06, 2018   854   0
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On-Site Dance Lessons

There are hundreds of ways to stay active, but one fun activity involves bringing a dance class right into your community!

Have an open space that can accommodate a large number of residents? Invite a Modern Dance or Hip Hop instructor into your community to give an on-site lesson. If your residents enjoy themselves, this could even turn into a weekly or monthly event!


What can Residents Expect?


Most dance classes start with a posture check and a body-loosening warm-up. The warm up may incorporates Ballet and Yoga moves along with some basic Hip-Hop or Jazz steps and stretches. The goal is to let go of tension in joints and flex the whole body.


Next, residents will learn and practice a basic choreographed routine taught by the instructor. They may also learn and practice a slightly more challenging routine as time permits. It’s a healthy workout and uses more of your body than you might expect!

The workout is usually followed by a good, thorough cool down session before ending the class.


What to Wear?


The best Modern Dance and Hip Hop clothing is anything that's loose, comfortable, and allows freedom of movement. However, it should not be so baggy that it gets in the way of dancing or needs to be adjusted frequently. Both will distract you from the theme your instructor has given you or the shape/position of your legs and hands.



Image source: Pixabay

Basically, you don’t want your beautiful dancing to be interrupted by your own outfit!


What’s on the Feet?


Modern dance is fluid and interpretive, so it’s well suited to not wearing anything on your feet at all. If you opt for hosting a hip-hop class - which naturally requires more grip and stomp - you can allow residents to wear comfortable, non-marking, and flexible shoes or sneakers. Socks are also okay.


***TIP*** Encourage residents to pull their hair back and out of the way during class and keep jewelry to a minimum. If they want to rattle and jingle noisily when they dance, book a belly dancing instructor instead!


As the organizers, you may also want to provide individual bottled waters or a water dispenser for pre-and post-workout hydration for your residents.


That’s literally all you need for any kids of contemporary dance class. But to get the most from the experience, a big smile also helps!




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