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Take Us Out to the Ball Game! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 13, 2018   703   0
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Take Us Out to the Ball Game!

Host your next community outing at the ballpark!


The fun, excitement, and relaxed atmosphere of Minor League Baseball (MiLB), along with the ease of planning a group outing to your local stadium, will make for a rewarding experience that shows you’re a community All-Star.


Why the Minor Leagues?


Minor League Baseball (MiLB) has over 170 teams across fourteen leagues, many of which are affiliated with professional teams. MiLB also hosted a total of over 41 Million fans in 2017! Major League Baseball (MLB) game attendance is falling but MiLB attendance is on the rise because of its appeal and affordability to baseball fans!


All you need to do is select your game date, seat locations, and perfect pregame meal: and there are options to fit every budget. Many stadiums also offer picnic areas or even All-You-Can-Eat seats!


MiLB Game Group Tickets benefits                

Affordable Pricing

MiLB is way cheaper than major league games. You’ll save an average of $15 per person in concession spending alone. Reserved group tickets cost around $8 depending on your state and team. Some of the best group seats in the stadium may not even set you back more than $20!



Image source: Pixabay


It takes around $220 to treat a family of four to a Major League Baseball game experience (including all the concessions and merchandise!) However, in the Minor Leagues, a family of four can get away with spending almost 1/3 of that - around $70 - which makes it a much more affordable alternative! And if you only want tickets, you can easily get away with spending less than $10 per person!


Easy Planning          

MLB teams and sales reps make it easy to book your tickets. Most groups can be booked via email or by phone in only five minutes.


Reserved Seating

You’ll get a “block” of seats rather than a row. This means that people can talk to those in front or in back of them – a great way to build friendships and community! A block of seats together means that your residents can also be unified enough to start the wave.



Video Board Recognition

In some stadiums, your group name will even be recognized on the video-board during the game for everyone in attendance to view. This is a great marketing and PR opportunity for your community!



For casual fans of baseball, there’s no question that minor league baseball (MiLB) is much easier to access and more affordable than that of MLB.

So get out there and watch a game or two, and don’t forget to sing along with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch!



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