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Ask a Psychic! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 20, 2018   586   0
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Ask a Psychic!

Inviting a psychic to your community is a fun and entertaining event for residents! It allows them to get their pressing life questions answered in a clear and entertaining way.


Asking a psychic some questions about their life can help residents get insight into their struggles. It can also help them look to the future of their life in the coming year.


While this is a great activity at any time, it’s especially helpful at the end or beginning of the year. It can also easily be added as an attraction to other events like holiday parties and resident get-togethers!


Public or Private Consultations?


Ask the psychic what kind if set up they would prefer. Do they need a room and space for themselves? Or will a booth or table do the trick?


They will need to sit and speak with residents for a few minutes, so semi-private or even a fully private room is probably best.


Benefits of Bringing a Clairvoyant to Your Community


Because time travel is not yet an option for us, psychics are the next best thing. They can impart both understanding and wisdom as well as answer important life questions in our lives.


Bringing a psychic to your community simplifies the process. It means residents won’t have to travel to have their life questions answered by a professional.



Image source: Pixabay (psychic sign)


Inviting a psychic into your community is also a great way to test out such services. It gives residents a chance to understand what they can expect from specific spiritual teachers or from clairvoyants. Many psychics offer one free question and answer. However, you can also arrange in advance how much time they are able to give to each resident and at what cost.


What Questions Should Residents Ask?


Ask a question of great importance. It can be a question that concerns your family life, romantic life, health, or career. Ensure that your questions (or questions) are something that you’ve wanted to learn the answer to for a long time.


Your questions should also be about a topic that you’ve wasted many hours thinking about and pondering all the possibilities for your future.


Think what answer to a question could have the biggest impact on your future?



Image source: Pixabay


***TIP*** It’s important to remember that when you bring residents a fortune-teller to look into their future, nothing is set in stone. Your residents can still change hardships into triumphs and successfully defeat challenges for better results.



Some mystics may have the gift of clairvoyance, you’re still the only one who has full control of your destiny. It can still be altered with the right mindset. You can still create a much brighter and better future no matter what kind of news from the psychic you get.

Even if your residents don’t 100% believe in the psychic’s predictions, it still makes for an entertaining event and great discussions! You can’t go wrong with getting free fortune-telling services. And you never know: a clairvoyant may actually hold the answers to what your residents want to know about their futures!


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