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Healthy Living: Ketogenic Cooking Night
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Healthy Living: Ketogenic Cooking Night

Written by Resident Events On  February 21, 2019   287   0
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Healthy Living: Ketogenic Cooking Night


Here’s a tasty event for people who are conscious about their health as well as those who are fascinated with learning about the ketogenic diet. With growing awareness, a lot of people are interested in following Keto diets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what is the hype all about?


Image Source: Pixabay

Invite a Keto Expert


Image Source: Evensi

Look for a Keto expert in your city who can help residents understand the basics of what a Keto lifestyle is and give tips and culinary advice. Ask the expert to introduce the concept of a keto diet and its benefits to your residents. Those who are new to the concept can understand the basics.

Categorize the Dishes

When discussing recipes, categorize dishes into various categories such as:

·         ‘No cooking’ meals

·         Family meals

·         Packed lunches

·         Desserts

These categories will cover everything; easy, fast, meals; complex dishes; lunches for work or school; and desserts to quell the sweet tooth!

While it’s not feasible to instruct residents by cooking all of these recipes in one event – have the expert demonstrate a few dishes and then send residents home with recipes and book recommendations for more information.  There are also lots of online resources to recommend as well. 

***TIP*** If cooking on-site is not an option, show your residents a few short ketogenic recipe videos with a projector, like the one shown below.

***BONUS*** Additionally, make a weekly keto diet plan and cheat-sheet to distribute among your residents.  Here is a wonderful resource that can help you create weekly keto menus for your residents.

Invite Residents to Share their “Keto Journey”

If you have residents already practicing a ketogenic lifestyle for at least a few months, invite them to share their personal experiences with the other residents and answer questions.

Have a “Question and Answer” session

imagee Source: Ketogenic Forums

Beginners tend to have a million questions about the Keto diet and lifestyle. Near the end of your event, leave time for a Q&A session so that new learners can get satisfying answers. You may also want to encourage residents to drop their questions in a bowl before the session. Only answer the questions you haven’t already answered during the event.

***BONUS*** Start a digital group (on Facebook or WhatsApp) for your local community residents interested in the Keto Diet. Having each others’ support and presence can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


And of course, bring (or make) enough food samples for everyone to try. Hope you have a tasty and healthy Keto-friendly event!


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