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BINGO! Apartment Party Plus Charity Event
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Brent Williams  

BINGO! Apartment Party Plus Charity Event Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  December 29, 2010   3109   2
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BINGO!  Apartment Party Plus Charity Event


A lot of people think Bingo is a older-generation event, and to a certain extent, that is definitely correct. But really Bingo appeals to a wide variety of people, and who doesn’t enjoy playing with the Bingo blotter? You can do this just as a normal apartment party, OR charge a nominal fee per bingo card to turn it into a charity event!

I don’t know if gambling laws apply to gambling, and what rules you need to abide by, so either do the research to see if you can offer cash prizes, or simply offer tangible prizes instead. Besides, non-cash prizes can be obtained by local restaurants and stores, in exchange for free exposure for their establishment. This is even easier when you set it up as a charity event.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask your residents if they have any recommendations for what charity the proceeds will be going to. If one of your residents has a relative/friend that is suffering from a specific disease, wouldn’t it be wonderful to tie your event with a charity that was addressing that condition?!
  2. Contact the charity and tell them your plan. They might have free tshirts to give away, or maybe will even send someone to take pictures for their newsletter! (This has actually happened with my friend’s video game tournament for an Alzheimer’s charity.
  3. Go to your local businesses and tell them you are running a charity event supporting XYZ charity. Explain you need a certain number of gift cards and other prizes to give out during the event, and you will list them as a donor if they contribute. You can even set up different “tiers”, such as a platinum sponsor, gold sponsor, and silver sponsor for different levels of contributions. Type up this list and give it to every attendee.
  4. Get all the supplies you need. I haven’t tried it (and do not vouch for its legitimacy, but I found this bingo card creator program you might want to try. You will also need the machinery to mix the bingo balls, so try contacting local churches to see if there is one you can borrow!
  5. Get the word out!


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