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Children-Friendly Events

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Brent Williams  

Harry Potter Apartment Party Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  March 02, 2011   3190   1
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Harry Potter Apartment Party

With the final Harry Potter movie coming out this summer, it’s time to send off the movie in style with a Harry Potter Apartment Party! Set up a fun event at your community, and then shuttle the kids off to the new movie with their parents!

(Note: My wife used to work at a wonderful local bookstore, Katy Budget Books, who put on Harry Potter parties for the book releases. So some of these ideas are shared from those events.)

Step 1: Before we get into the apartment party details, you first need to have a plan on the tickets to the movie itself. Are you buying in bulk and having the parents pay you? If so, know that Harry Potter sells out insanely fast, so make sure you know exactly when they will be released and call ahead.

Step 2: Plan different stations within the community room for different activities! A great strategy is simply watch a movie or two and translate different movie elements into different activities. For example:

  • Sorting Hat! This is a FUN thing to have, where you put the hat on the kid’s head, act as if it is talking, and then “sort” the kid into one of the four houses. I recommend having a slightly higher percentage of Gryffindor members and maybe not even bother with Hufflepuff… Have something you can give them for each house, such as a colored ribbon.
  • GAK! There are plenty of times something ooey and gooey come up in Harry Potter, so make your own slime that kids can play with! This might be an outdoor activity! Here are some slime recipes that you can use.
  • Advanced Potion Making! Make a list of colorful drinks that are labeled with fun, exotic names! With this website, you can find actual potions from the Harry Potter world, such as an Ageing Potion and Polyjuice Potion! Include recipes for making each potion and have the kids drink up! (Note: Yes, the concoctions will probably taste horrible once mixed together, but that’s part of the fun!)
  • Treats and eats! Create a Honeydukes shop from Hogsmeade and have fun candy and sweets designed from the movies! Try this website out for candy ideas.
  • Dragon Egg Decorating! I’m not sure about the best way to do this, because traditional Easter eggs will probably be too small. I found some monster size Easter eggs that kids could paint as a group, though!
  • Professor Trelawney - Harry Potter Apartment PartyDivination! (That’s the ability to see into the future, for us Muggles) Have someone dress up like Professor Trelawney and give crazy predictions to the kids! (For those that don’t know, Trelawney often doesn’t have the “gift”, so her predictions can be quite off and strange most of the time – so have fun with it! “I see in your future, a great pet octopus that will play tag with you and your friends. But with 8 arms, always make sure he’s on your team!”)
  • Contests! Best costume is an easy contest to do!

These are just a few ideas of what you could do! Have any other fun ideas? Share them below!!


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