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Felicia Norman  

Science Experiment Day Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  March 29, 2011   2425   2
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Science Experiment Day

I am a complete math and science geek and I'm sure there are many people in your communities who are too!  So, my idea for the ideal event would be to have a science day event where you set up mini experiments in your community centers for kids and their parents to participate in.  Here are a couple of ideas I have for mini science stations and you can take it from here and go amazing places with your own additions. For the most part, these are simple experiments that can easily be set up a various "stations".

Experiment 1: You will need: milk, food coloring, disposable (or recyclable) plates.

Step 1: Pour some milk into a plate--enough to cover the bottom.

Step 2: Add about 4 drops of each color of food coloring to the plate--you can add these on top of each other or spread them out.

Step 3: Add a small drop of dish soap to the colored milk.

Step 4: Watch the magic happen!!!!


Experiment 2: You will need: water, hard boiled eggs, 2 bowls, salt

Step 1: Put fresh water in both bowls, add salt to one.

Step 2: Place one egg in each bowl.

Step 3: Does one float? Why?

Experiment 3:  Centrifugal Force This is a long term experiment and I would do this by the front desk so kids and parents can come check on it occasionally.

You will need: A record player (do any of you have one laying around?), grass seeds, soil, spray bottle, paper plate

For this experiment, poke a hole in the center of the plate and plant the grass seeds in the plate with the soil as a base.  Place the plate on the record player. For the hours the office is open have the record player on so that it is rotating the plate.  (You can turn this off at night and it will still work).

Observe the effects of centrifugal force on plants!

For More Great Science Ideas!


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