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Children-Friendly Events

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Words can hurt Hot

Written by Lisa Kassoff On  April 04, 2011   2470   0
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Words can hurt

Some time ago I read an article concerning a vet where the children teased him and he was very affected by it. I felt his sense of sadness and thought about this a while. If the managers or activities director can call some professionals such as psychiatric social workers and or a psychiatrist and or a parent that may have a child who is bullied to speak on a panel with some insightful questions directed to them. This may help the community as a whole to realize and understand how words can hurt. This would be for adults and children. Both of these groups are affected. I feel that an event like this would be most beneficial to the community as a whole.

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I have seen a lot about this in the news lately. I would love to hear from someone who had done this sort of community building before to hear how it went.

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