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Children-Friendly Events

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Apartment Life  

Pretend Sleep-Over Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 21, 2011   2692   2
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Pretend Sleep-Over
This party is a dream come true for any young child who longs to be old enough to have a sleep-over! Guests arrive in their pajamas, take part in a round of fun bedtime activities, and enjoy a bedtime snack before heading home for a good night's rest in their own beds.

Musical Sleeping Bags:
Have every child bring a sleeping bag or blanket. Set up everyone's rolled-up sleeping bag or blanket in a circle on the floor and play a lullaby. Have the kids walk around the circle carrying their stuffed animals. Remove one of the sleeping bags or blankets and explain that when you stop the music, everyone must quickly snuggle with their pet on one of the pallets. Whoever can't find one is out of the game, but he or she can remove the next pallet when the game resumes. Continue in this manner, allowing each child who's eliminated to remove the next pallet until only one player, the winner, is left!

Ask the kids to pretend that they are popcorn kernels and their sleeping pallets are pans. While they kneel on the pallets, bang the bottom of a real pot with a wooden spoon. When the kids hear a beat, they jump, and when it's silent, they sit still. As the game progresses, the popcorn pops faster and faster! Afterward, serve a big bowl of the real stuff for a treat.

Bedtime Story:
Tuck the kids and their stuffed animals into their sleeping bags and blankets and read a story. Pause occasionally, and encourage the kids to add sound effects, if they like.

Snacks & Favors:
Serve a treat of animal crackers and milk and send the kids home with new toothbrushes and storybooks.

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