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Water Blob Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 28, 2014   2346   1
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Water Blob Party

As a kid, there was nothing better than playing on a water bed.  Of course, we were always one jump away from flooding the room, but it was always a blast.  Well, now we have found a party idea that taps into our love of water beds - it is a Water Blob party for kids!  It is essentially a homemade water bed that kids can jump around on and play like crazy. 


 The original idea apparently came from here, but we think these alternate instructions might work out much better.  Those all deal with small groups of kids, and as we know, apartment community parties can get quite large!  So here are some things to consider if you want to make some water blobs at the community:

1)      TEST!  Trying making one well in advance and seeing how it handles.  How much weight will it carry?  This will be important if you have some hefty kids!

2)      Have an alternate plan if it does blow up in your face!  If the blobs explode, then you will want some games on hand to play to keep the kids occupied, rather than everybody leaving disappointed.

3)      One blob will not be enough for an entire apartment community party.  This is a several blob project, which might make it a problem for communities without much green space.

4)      Since you will be having multiple blobs, it is probably best to have age-ranges on the blobs, so that the bigger kids don't trample the little ones.

5)      Having age-ranged blobs will also help to limit the impact of a blob explosion.  If the bigger kids get too rough and destroy their blob, that just means they won't have a blob, while the smaller kids get to still play.

6)      With each age-ranged blob, it will be a good idea to change the number of kids per blob at any given time.  An older age range may only get a couple of kids at a time, whereas a toddler blob could handle a lot.

7)      Add blue dye and some soft gummy toys into the blob before you seal it so that the kids can see them swimming through!

8)      Add in a sprinkler or two increase the fun!

It appears to be possible to re-use the blobs, assuming they didn't get damaged too much, so this might be a great opportunity for a yearly blob party!   


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