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Children-Friendly Events

Children's Drawing Contest With Birthday Twist
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Children's Drawing Contest With Birthday Twist Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 19, 2015   2159   0
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Children's Drawing Contest With Birthday Twist

One of the event ideas we love most around here was the Children's Drawing Contest with a Very Unique Prize, and today, we have found a great concept that is similar, but probably a lot easier to pull off!  The basic premise of the original idea (although I still recommend checking it out for the GREAT examples we found), was that community would have a children's drawing contest, where the  children at the community would make a drawing and winners would get their drawings made into stuffed animals!  The value in the event was less in the event itself, but rather the creative aspect of the prize.  It would be something unbelievable unique in their world, and would create a ton of good will with the parents.  The challenge, of course, was that it was somewhat expensive to make the stuffed animals, and it might be hard to find someone who could pull it off.  But today we found an alternative that might be easier to pull off, with the same amount of impact.  Rather than having a stuffed animal made, the picture would be saved until the children's birthdays, where they would then get their drawing in the form of a birthday cake!

 This spin-off idea was inspired by the image above.  Here was the original story from a baker:

Originally the drawing was sent to me to be interpreted. the young girl was just giving me an idea of what she wanted. When I saw the drawing I called, and pitched the idea of doing it so that it looked like the drawing, and not like a typical perfect princess cake (i would have other wise done). They thought about it and called back about a half hour later on speaker phone. The little birthday girl said she wanted it to look just like her drawing. "Side by side" very cool mom. Very sweet girl. I had more fun making this cake than any other this far. They loved it! I'm doing this with my own kids cakes from now on. The weirder the drawing the better.

This would make an absolutely great birthday cake for a resident, and the parents will absolutely love it!  Just call the parents up ahead of time and tell them you have a special birthday treat for the kid, and then light some candles and sing a special birthday song! 

Picture ideas and other thoughts:

1) Make sure to take pictures of the kids with the original drawing at the event, with the cake, and then a side by side picture between the cake and image.

2) If they are monster pictures, insert the candles deep into the nose of the monster so that it looks like it is breathing fire!

3) What do you do if the residents have moved?  Most people would think they don't need to do anything special because the winner no longer pays rent.  And frankly, that wouldn't be a horrible decision, but consider the idea of creating and sending the cake anyway.  First of all, it wasn't the kids decision to move, and second, reputation extends beyond just the residents staying at the community at that very moment.  Imagine if the residents are living at a competing community now.  How much of an impact would it be to have your former community management still bring your child a cake even after you have moved?  I would argue that it might even a bigger impact than normal, which means Facebook posts, tweets, and word of mouth marketing from your former resident.   If you are lucky, you might even get a "I wish I hadn't moved from XYZ Apartments" social media post, which is just about the holy grail of reputation building!


UPDATE:  We just found someone who had done a similar concept, but just with a drawing!  This is probably a bit simpler to do, and it allows you to bring the kids' drawings to life!  


Drawing the monster

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