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Kite-Flying picnic Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 04, 2016   2427   0
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Kite-Flying picnic

Every year in April Kite fliers across America celebrate the history of the world’s favorite pastime by flying kites. It is a month to celebrate what comes from letting your kite fly into the breeze and up into the sky.

            A kite-flying picnic is a good way to celebrate the days of spring and can be a creative new way for members of the community to converse. Community members can take some time out of their afternoon and join in kite-making and flying fun.

             Those attending can make their own kite from scratch or purchase their own and compete for the longest hang time while lying on a picnic blanket and soaking in some sun. By expressing the idea of creativity with glue, glitter and paint younger members can hang a tail in the sky with others their own age and enjoy the day! You can also involve beverages and snacks or rent out or purchase a small snow cone machine where members can make their own snow cones.

            A kite-flying competition can also be held. Judges can judge on homemade kites creativity and hang time as well as competitions for store bought premade kites longest time in the air. The kite-flier with the longest hang time could win a gift card to a local bookstore or any prize of choice.

            Kite flying has existed for hundreds of years and is honored in the Dubai International Kite Fest where hundreds to thousands of kites are flown day and night in a three-day event. For more information on the kite fest visit:


            For more information on how to build a kite visit:

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