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Mother’s Day Craft: Plaster of Paris Hand Impressions
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Mother’s Day Craft: Plaster of Paris Hand Impressions Hot

Written by Resident Events On  April 28, 2017   1782   0
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Mother’s Day Craft: Plaster of Paris Hand Impressions
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a kid’s craft event will be the perfect highlight of your month!
I think these plaster of Paris hand impressions will make perfectly sweet gifts. They’re also a keepsake the mothers in your community will cherish for years to come.

Because this is a super simple craft, kids as young as one or two can easily participate. Just remember that parents will need to accompany small children and help them with the craft.

Image source:

Crafting hand impressions

Plaster of Paris can be purchased at most craft stores, or if you are adventurous, try making it yourself! The plaster of Paris should be mixed in disposable bowls (following the box instructions) in individual portions for every child. Heart-shaped or flower-shaped molds can be made from card board or cookie tins (cereal boxes also work great). Once the molds are ready, the prepared plaster of Paris can be poured into the molds.

**BONUS** To add to the fun and enhance the overall look of the finished product, a few drops of poster colors may also be poured and stirred into the plaster of Paris mixture.

When the plaster has hardened just a bit, it is time to add the hand prints! The children might need some adult assistance to make sure they press their hands really well, to get an excellent hand-impression.
Here is a video demonstrating a plaster hand print in a candy box:

Adding decorations

Adding decorations to the hand-print will help personalize each child’s gift. Decorations such as beads, shells, glitter etc. may be added to the drying prints. Frames can also be crafted from card paper and painted or decorated.

Image source: Pinterest

I love this easy sponge brush and poster paint idea. It’s easy for every age and gives the hand prints some additional color.

**TIP** Another painting technique variation can be done using a tooth brush to create a wonderful spray paint effect:


Bead it up

Image source: Pinterest

Adding beads can help personalize the gifts as well as spark creativity. While the plaster of Paris is still wet, the beads can get pressed down into the plaster. If working with small children, however, it’s important to have parent’s supervise the beads which may present a choking hazard.

Hand print wall hanging

This glittery craft is a quick and easy way to make a hanging keepsake. Encourage residents to date and note the name of the child on the back.

To get this look, just hot-glue a ribbon to the back so you can put it up on the wall, spread on some glue, and then dip the front of the handprint in a tub of colorful glitter!

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