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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Children-Friendly Events

Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy’s Day Out!
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Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy’s Day Out! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  July 06, 2017   1929   0
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Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy’s Day Out!

It’s time to celebrate National Picnic Month, and more specifically Teddy Bear Picnic Day on the 10th of July. 

We’ve planned an event for your community residents to come out and celebrate the day as a family. The fun of it is – everyone brings along a teddy bear as a guest of honor! 

Planning the Event 

Select an appropriate location for the community residents to gather – a community park or grassy area is the perfect place where residents can feel they’re out on a picnic. 

Residents should also be informed whether it will be organized as a potluck, or if they’ll need to bring their own picnic. This way they can prepare their dishes in advance. 

***TIP*** Any prepared food, cookies, and snacks can be cut into teddy bear shapes with the help of cutters. Check out these sandwiches cut as teddy bears below!

Image source: Abnormal Mommy

If your space is large enough, residents can also bring covered gazebos and tents, along with their picnic blankets, to create added shade and beat the summer heat. 

The day of event 


Image source: Tapeciarnia

Here are some suggested activities to keep kids entertained during the picnic. 

Teddy Bear Picnic song 

To set the mood, we suggest playing the Teddy Bear Picnic song in the background for at least a few minutes at the beginning of the event. Children should be encouraged to sing along as they settle their teddy bears into picnic mode. 

Nature scavenger hunt

It’s always good to combine learning for children along with fun. Residents can participate in a Nature Scavenger Hunt to collect a list of things like “something round,” “chewed leaf,” etc. 

Learning to be courteous hosts

This event is also a great time to teach kids how to be courteous hosts. Parents and other adults can guide children to serve the food to teddy bears and share with other children. 

Here is a video demonstration of how to teach hosting skills to children:

Bear Crafts

A suggested craft activity is shown below. The activity page is preferably printed on cardstock to make it sturdier. 

The teddy bear can be colored or painted and then cut and joined with metal paper fasteners or string into a moveable puppet! 

Image source: Pinterest 

Story time

Story time should be led by a volunteer adult who reads out bear stories to the children. 

Some ideas for bear-related story time versions of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” or “Where's My Teddy?”

You can also gather the children into a circle for a campfire-like experience.

Image source: Pinterest


Well-known children’s games can be altered to fit the bear theme. 

For example, the game “Duck Duck Goose” can be called Bear Hunt. The children will sit in a circle and one child will be tagged as a bear. 

The bear would then pat on another child’s head and yell “Bear hunt!” The kid who has been patted will then have to catch the running bear. 

***BONUS*** Give each kid a take away Gummy Bear goody bag filled with tasty treats and bear themed favors. Don’t forget a small present for the bear guests as well!



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