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Chinese New Year Apartment Party Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 22, 2010   2964   5
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Chinese New Year Apartment Party

This event takes volunteers, but not as many as you would think - we had four.

Set the mood by buying as many paper lanterns as you can, along with red and yellow balloons and streamers. (Hint: Check your Dollar Store for lanterns & other Chinese treats) Hang the paper lanterns low, while remaining out of the reach of children. It is fun for people to walk amongst them and makes the transport to China come alive.

Around the room hang the attached Zodiac Signs. You can make them obvious or discrete. Encourage the kids to go on a "scavenger hunt" to discover which animal represents their birth year. The signs have descriptions of the personalities of the animals and some history.

A great place to order food from is Panda Express. Their party trays can feed a good 10-15 people more than they recommend - the trick is using bowls for both the rice and entree! Panda is great also because they provide the napkins, forks, chop sticks and fortune cookies! If your budget won't allow for an entree and a side, then fried rice and cookies would be more than enough to get your residents in the mood. If you do have the funds, you can't go wrong with Orange Chicken!

We encourage live entertainment of some sort. Traditional Chinese Dancers or musicians are great. If you can't afford to hire someone, many cities have dance studios that teach traditional Chinese dance. Call them and see if any of their students would like to come to perform and/or practice. They might even want to come out and teach the kids! If the live music or dance doesn't work out, a CD with traditional Chinese music will work too.

Finally, set up your stations - we had 4:
Craft Station: Help kids make their own paper lantern, decorated with their Zodiac animal. The craft instructions are attached. Write in Chinese: Print out some Chinese symbols and have the kids pick a colorful piece of construction paper and mimic what they see using a black marker. Take your picture with a Dragon: We drew a dragon on a poster board, hung it up and encouraged the kids to take their photo with it - the girls held the umbrellas for even more effect. Kung Fu Panda playing on a laptop

We encourage hosting the event outside if possible and starting it around 1:00 pm or later, that way people aren't expecting a full lunch, just some samplings.

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Love this idea!

I love the tips you provided! One year for our monthly dinner, we had a Chinese New Years Dinner. I tried local Chinese places, but the cost was too expensive to cater. So we went searching at Costco and were surprised at how many easy options they offer!

Our menu:
*Orange Chicken--1 box feeds about 12-13 for around $14
*Egg Rolls--box of 18 egg rolls for about $9 (You can even cut them in 1/2 to help it go a little farther.)
*White Rice--Made in a rice cooker ($3 for a package of rice)

Other options:
*Costco often also offers Beef and Broccoli also in the freezer section.
*Fortune Cookies can sometime be bought at your local grocery store or ask your favorite Chinese place if they will sell you a bag.

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