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Easter Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  March 14, 2013   2757   1
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Easter Party

The traditional symbols of the Easter holiday — fluffy bunnies, baby chicks, brightly decorated eggs and Easter baskets — make for great decorations for your Easter party. Fill pastel-colored baskets with artificial grass and chocolate eggs to make colorful centerpieces, and put out bowls of dyed hard-boiled eggs to liven up both the buffet table and the décor.

If you're planning a child's Easter party, use plush stuffed rabbits and chicks to serve as both decorations and party favors, and go to a party-supply store for bunny-shaped helium balloons to decorate your mailbox or add to the festivities.

The spring season means that there are lots of natural decorations available, so pick some flowers from your garden or the nearest flower shop and put them in pastel-colored vases. Look for tulips and daffodils, which are in season around this time, but any spring flowers in bright or pastel hues add flair to your party, as well as the additional bonus of a springy floral scent.

Got eggs? Then you have tons of fun Easter games to play. If you have access to a large outdoor area, have an egg-and-spoon race, an Easter egg roll just like at the White House, or get really messy with an egg toss.

Easter egg hunts are fun both for kids and grown-ups and can be played outdoors or indoors. Just hide chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with chocolates and jellybeans around your yard or your home, and then start the hunt. Hide one golden egg in an especially difficult hiding place, and give a special prize to the person who finds that one.

Easter crafts, like dyeing eggs or making and breaking an Easter egg piñata, are also great activities for all ages.

Food: Ham is a  traditional main dish at Easter feasts in the US, but the holiday is best known for its sweet snacks.

From chocolate bunnies to jelly beans to marshmallow Peeps, Easter is all about sugar. If you have any food coloring left over from dyeing eggs, decorate cupcakes with frosting dyed in pastel colors and top each one with a sprinkling of green-dyed coconut and jelly beans. And everyone at your party will love to make S’meeps…that’s right S’mores made with PEEPS!

Balance out all that sugar with savory holiday-appropriate treats like deviled eggs and baby carrots with a rich ranch dip.

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