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Parents Night Out and Gift Wrapping Station
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Parents Night Out and Gift Wrapping Station Hot

Written by Resident Events On  December 19, 2015   2387   0
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As we get closer to Christmas, most people start to panic as we realize how many items we have not crossed off of our “to-do” lists!  This resident event is a combination of services which relieve at least some of those stresses. 

First, host a “Parent’s Night Out” for your community and invite your residents to drop their children off at the clubhouse for a night of kid-free shopping! Make sure you have plenty of staff members available that evening so there are more than enough adults to chaperone this event. You could show a holiday-themed movie, gather some materials to make Christmas crafts or print off a variety of coloring pages, provide light snacks, and keep those kiddos busy and entertained so their parents can get those last-minute errands done! Make sure you have a sign-up sheet at the office so that you can anticipate the number of children who will be present as well as their respective ages, and be sure to have a start time and an end time that is reasonable, such as 5:30-7:30 pm.  

Cute idea for an ornament craft to do with the kids:

Here is a great image to use on the event flyer:


Next, in a separate area such as your model apartment, provide all of the materials necessary for your residents to use as a gift wrapping area!  You can stock up on several rolls of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, labels, and bows from the Dollar Store to provide this as a great resource for your residents! You may have some parents who will utilize both services- drop their little ones off to the clubhouse, and then head over to the model to wrap their gifts! 

Providing these services will make you a hero for your residents who are scrambling to wrap up all of their errands right before Christmas! 


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