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December Rotating Art Exhibition Hot

Written by Resident Events On  November 18, 2016   1849   0
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December Rotating Art Exhibition

The holiday season is a great time to start a rotating art exhibition showcasing local artist and artists on a monthly, or bi-monthly, basis.

You can organize the exhibitions yourself, seek volunteers from your resident community to help manage the events, or seek out students from a local arts department. **TIP** Find out if your local community has an "Art Walk" day or something similar (usually the first or second Saturday of the month) and time your exhibitions and opening shows to correspond to that city-wide event. 

To host an art exhibition in your lobby area there are a few things you’ll want to consider. 

Finding artists

There are many different ways to find artists and structure the exhibitions.

Image source: Pixabay                      

One way is to put together group shows on particular themes. The advantage of group shows is that when more artists are involved, there is a much better chance that there will be some style of artwork that everyone likes.

Alternatively, you can also feature one artist at a time and really showcase their style and take an in-depth look at their art works. If you choose your artists wisely you will be able to feature work that you know your communities will like. Listen to feedback from residents to get a better feel for the styles that are more popular as well, this will give you a better idea of which types of artists to include in the future.

You can search for artists my attending other local art exhibitions, speaking with graduate students at the local colleges, and visiting crafting and artist guilds and organizations in your area. Put a call out for artists on your website and social media pages, and also advertise in online artist publications.

Gathering and hanging work

Once you’ve put together an artist exhibition schedule, be sure to request that the art be delivered to your community about a week in advance. This will give you time to inventory and hang the work in the exhibition space.

Image source: Pixabay

Depending on the amount of available wall space and accessibility, you can either install the art on easels, or hang art on the walls for a more professional look. If wall hanging, consult your local picture framing shop or art gallery for hanging guidelines and purchase of special weight-supporting hooks – especially if hanging in drywall. Clearly label each work of art with the title, artist name, medium (material that the art was created with), size, and price (if applicable). You can print of this information on small labels and affix them directly to the wall near each artwork.

Advertising the exhibition

There are a few ways that you can advertise your rotating exhibitions to get more attention and establish yourself as a local art venue.

Consider sending press releases to local newspaper and magazines and sharing about the exhibition on social media.

Creating postcards for the artist to mail out and share with their network. Vistaprint is a quick and easy resource for making high quality postcards on a small budget. You can keep some in the office to advertise the next exhibition and hand out to interested residents. All of these tips will ensure that residents and the local community is aware of each exhibition well in advance so they can plan to attend the opening reception each month.

Opening night

If you’ve only invited local artists to participate and attend, you can encourage them to speak with attendees during the artist reception.

Image course: Pixabay

If any of the artist have a particularly interesting style or technique you may also want to ask them to give live demos or present a short talk during the opening exhibition.

Managing sales

Decide in advance who will be responsible for sales. If anyone is interested in purchasing a work of art will you process it through your office and take a commission, or will you hand over the interested buyer’s contact details to the artist and have them handle the transaction?

Regardless of how you decide to approach sales, never disrupt the integrity of the exhibition by removing any of the works of art until the exhibition is finished. Buyers can pick up any purchases works at the end of the exhibition.


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