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Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect Hot

Written by Resident Events On  February 23, 2017   2099   0
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Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect

When it comes to resident retention and signing new leases, nothing works better than subtle reminders to residents already living in your community.

The goal of many community events should be to get your current residents talking. For both property managers and renters, people have to come first. It’s important to keep this in mind as you plan your events. To keep things light, and provide a quick and easy opportunity to connect with residents, plan a Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect event.

For those communities not living in Louisiana, there may be some misconceptions about Mardi Gras celebrations stemming from often skewed and biased coverage in the media. Thankfully, it’s not as rowdy or X-rated an event as some journalists may make it seem.

Contrary to popular belief outside the region, Mardi Gras is actually a family friendly event with floats, parades, and other G-rated activities during the carnival celebrations.

To capture some of this community spirit, pass out beads to all residents – adults and children alike – as they head out of your community one morning. Make sure you purchase enough beads ahead of time so that you can budget to each car accordingly.


Image source: Pixabay

***BONUS*** Hand out slices of king cake and offer a prize to the resident who finds the baby!

You can also keep a few of the traditionally coveted (and hard to win) coconuts handy – perhaps reserved for only the most deserving residents who are willing to mug for the camera. Because it’s more crucial than ever to market your properties digitally, ensure that you’re giving your current residents lots of opportunities to do some of your marketing for you: posting pictures of your residents and events will work wonders for implementing this tactic.

A Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect event is a great way to spread some resident cheer as they head out in the morning. It will also get your residents fired up and singing your praises as they leave your community and head off to work and school nearby.

***TIP*** Use technology to your advantage by harnessing the power of social shares and automated systems to make your job easier.

When preparing for this event, make sure that you plan ahead to utilize the various platforms in the best ways. You can schedule and share posts in the days and hours leading up to your event and give hints and reminders on social media. If most of the leg work is done ahead of time you’ll be better able to focus on connecting with your residents the morning of the event.

Image source: Pixabay

Be sure you’re tweeting when you start and end any event, and always share photos from the event on Instagram and Facebook. You may even want to consider using Snapchat or Facebook live as the event is ongoing, or take a few quick videos from your phone as you hand out beads. Leverage all that you do before, during, and after the event by including it across your marketing channels.

***TIP*** To build up additional excitement, be sure to post pictures of the Mardi Gras swag on social media and share what the prizes are for the resident who finds the king’s cake baby in their slice.

Consider scheduling this event on a weekday before Mardi Gras to ensure that it will be less stress on your staff. Aim to host the event mid-week if possible to avoid the most hectic weekdays and ensure maximum resident participation.

Some events are best done on the go, and a quick and inexpensive morning Mardi Gras themed event somewhere in the weeks prior to Ash Wednesday is sure to be a hit.


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