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Annual Secret Santa Hot

Written by Resident Events On  November 10, 2017   1294   0
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Annual Secret Santa

Christmas is a special time for us to come together and celebrate. The annual traditions we keep as families help hold us together throughout the year 

Unfortunately, due to hardship and struggles like losing a job or an unexpected illness, sometimes families can’t provide a fun and memorable Christmas to their children in the form of needed gifts and holiday cheer. 

That's where your community Secret Santa event can help! 

It ensures that no child who believes in Santa will be missed because the family has fallen on hard times.


The main aim of your gift collecting efforts should include stockpiling a variety of age-appropriate and unisex gifts throughout the year. This takes the pressure off having to come up with them all at once!

Here are a few ways to collect gifts:


Staples rewards - One clever way to ensure you have enough gifts at the end of the year is to buy and stockpile presents with your Staples rewards year-round!

Earmark your budget - You can also set aside or earmark part of your promotional budget for gifts.

Vendor donations - Another brilliant idea is to request that each of your vendors donate something to the cause that fits their budget. 


No matter how you get the gifts, be sure to keep them safe in storage until early December!

Organizing and wrapping

Be sure to make the items into pretty wrapped presents, gift sets, or gift baskets. You can even dress them up with giant ribbons or bows and place them under a tree for a few weeks to build even more excitement!

Image source: Pixabay

As early as possible, have parents sign up to receive gifts for their children. Ensure parents share the ages so that an appropriate gift can be matched up to each child.

Have parents collect the gifts ahead of Christmas and take them home to their children! It’s as simple as that. 


Here’s to a happy, fun-filled, and memorable holiday season for ALL!






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