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Backpack Leasing Contest/Adopt a School Too!!!
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Milisa Crouch  

Backpack Leasing Contest/Adopt a School Too!!! Hot

Written by Milisa Crouch On  January 13, 2011   2953   1
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Backpack Leasing Contest/Adopt a School Too!!!
We used school supplies to represent leases. Each Leasing Person had a backpack to fill. As they leased an apartment they placed a school supply in the backpack. The Manager keeps a list of what each supply equals as a prize. Depending on your budget each one can be a prize or it may take several leases to get a prize. We did prizes for each item ranging from manicure, $10 additional bonus up to $50 additional bonus, various gift cards etc. In addition, the person with the most supplies at the end of the contest period received a Grand Prize.

The BEST PART of all was that we then took the loaded back packs, along with our property pens, pencils and notepads (lots of them), to the local school we adopted and donated them!!

This was really a ton of fun and very motivating for everyone!!!

The school loved it too and sent the sweetest Thank You card from the kids!!!


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Very rewarding and motivating to get leases and be able to help out needy students at the same time.

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