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Office Team Building

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Felicia Norman  

One Day/Weekend Fire School Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  April 26, 2011   2817   1
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One Day/Weekend Fire School

I ran into a friend recently who had been to a team building exercise for the company he works for and he could not stop talking about it!  His office went to a one day fire school where they were taught some of the methods and strategies that firefighters use to put out fires. I asked for as much information as I could gather in order to share it with you here.  So, you can contact your local fire department to set up the training for anywhere from 5-30 people--they do charge a tuition for the class but prices will vary depending on your local department's policy.  During the class, your office team will have to rely on each other to make it through the course, put out mock fires, and rescue each other from danger.
I contacted my local fire department to get information on how to set up a program like this locally.  From the information I have gathered, you can send in a PR request and they will contact you with what is available in your area.  Definitely worth looking into.

Who better to teach us about team building than a group of brave men and women who's lives depend on it!

If any of you have attended an event like this, I hope you'll leave a response describing the experience.  I would love to hear more testimonials!!!


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