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Guerrilla Gardening Beyond Your Apartment Community!
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Guerrilla Gardening Beyond Your Apartment Community! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 05, 2012   3448   0
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Guerrilla Gardening Beyond Your Apartment Community!

This idea originally was brought to our attention by the illustrious Kate Good, and we think it is an absolutely fantastic program for residents, as well as an outreach program for the surrounding community! The basic idea is to take an area that is currently overgrown in the local community, and bring it back to life! Similar to the “adopt a block” program, this can cover all sorts of random areas, and would be fantastic for land directly adjacent to the community! If you have a problem area next to the community, why suffer through it every day when you can beautify it with residents' help?

As you will see in the pictures from Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening, this team put up a sign in their newly beautified area. We can’t say what problems this may cause with local municipalities if it is on public land, or with private land owners if it is privately owned. So we can’t recommend one way or another, but it might be worth the risk depending on the situation, especially if you truly add value to the area, which might make them appreciative of the service you provided.

(We feel this could be a great recurring event - maybe once a quarter adopt a new area!)


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First of all, I love this idea! I just ran across another article on the topic, specifically about the problem of a garden like this getting destroyed:

"Unfortunately, many of the trees are destroyed, be it purposefully by property owners or unintentionally by park employees’ lawn mowers. So I’ve come up with a simple solution: makeshift plaques."

Interesting solution to the problem: How to Protect Your Guerrilla Gardening Projects

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