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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Written by Guest  On  November 14, 2011   3806   2
We do on average 3-4 events each month, however, one of my favorite events is our annual Pot-Luck Thanksgiving Dinner. We provide the turkeys, a ham, rolls and tea and the residents bring side dishes or desserts. It's a very relaxed evening where the staff and residents can just sit, relax, eat dinner and gear up for the holidays. We normally end the evening by everyone who attended helping to decorate the XMas Tree in the clubhouse and listening to XMas music.
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Jolene Sopalski
Written by Jolene Sopalski  On  November 09, 2011   5739   6
National Game Night Is The Third Week of November
The third week of November is National Game & Puzzle Night! Celebrate this week with your residents & prospect by hosting a game& puzzle night. Use all forms of Social Media for one giant game ending on Friday. Involve prospects in a leasing game for example a game called LIFE that starts from the beginning of the tour and ending when they place an application. For every move in that week leave a family friendly game in the apartment home after the move in inspection. *Originally posted on FLY Apartment Leasing Ideas on Facebook
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April Scripture
Written by April Scripture  On  October 26, 2011   4376   1
We are having a Halloween Party at The Landing this Saturday with a pumpkin carving contest, food, candy, games, and following it all up with a community hayride! The pumpkin carving contest has already started and residents are asked to bring in their pumpkins prior to the party so that we can have anyone that comes in the office vote on their favorite. Candy and games will be provided by the office staff and food will be a potluck of sorts with the majority brought in by residents. I've asked our landscaping company to let us borrow a wagon for a memorable hayride immediately following our party. I've also asked residents to sign up to hand out candy during the community hayride. We are very excited about this event and hope to make it a yearly tradition!
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Written by Holly Kutz  On  October 26, 2011   3529   0
Hobo Jungle
Bring your tin can and hand made spoon along with an extra can to echo to our Hobo Jungle. This event will start early in the week as we must elect a Hobo King and Queen for our Hobo Parade. Each candidate will post a poster saying why they feel they should be King or Queen and hang in the community room Monday by noon . (If no one enters I will do it for you and you never know who I will pick to put up on the wall) Election will be on Thursday at 10:00. Which ended up be Jackie Sanchez and Robert McCuthoen. The food will be prepared by Ron Ingalls, migratory worker. He...
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Milisa Crouch
Written by Milisa Crouch  On  October 20, 2011   3362   2
Mad Scientist Halloween Party
The community team are all dressing up as mad scientists that resemble the Doc from Back to the Future movies. We have eyeballs, test tubes, all kinds of candy related to science and doctors. We have food decorated like fingers, brains etc... We even ordered candy from that looks like bloodbags, human organs, testtubes etc... Sounds a little graphic when I type it here, but it really isn't! LOL looks like science book stuff from school honestly. We have all of our offices set up with different games for the kids to play. Ring toss, ping pong pails, what's behind the curtain, duck pond and bobbing for apples of course. We have a scavenger hunt throughout the clubhouse and a costume contest as well. Prizes include DVD gift sets, games, radios, toys.
85 apartment party results - showing 21 - 25  
« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... » 

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