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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Renewal Parties

Grilled Cheese Bar & Lease Renewal
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Grilled Cheese Bar & Lease Renewal

Written by Resident Events On  January 17, 2019   434   0
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Grilled Cheese Bar & Lease Renewal

Is there any better way to get your community residents to re-sign their leases than over a cup of warm coffee and a grilled cheese bar? We bet there isn’t!

If you’re looking to get residents to renew their lease agreements, we suggest dedicating a mouthwateringly enticing event to the task. This way, your community residents will be able to socialize with each other, have fun, and renew their agreements in a laid-back, hassle-free, yet systematic way!


Inform Your Residents

Be sure to inform all the residents about the event by sending in notices or texts well beforehand so that they can make themselves available.

If you schedule the event during a holiday or local school break, it may also be a good idea to invite the residents and with their children/families.

Set up a specially decorated desk near the entrance of the room for renewals, have a dedicated staff member present for typing, bookkeeping, and making copies of the signed documents. You can also ask the residents to collect their renewals after the event. 

***TIP*** Ask the residents to come with copies of any documents that need updating when they come!

How to Organize the Grilled Cheese Bar


Image Source: Blonde Bombchelle

For the juiciest, meltiest, grilled cheese bar, you’ll need:

·         A small flat grill, sandwich maker, or hotplate and frying pan

·         Spatulas and/or tongs

·         A variety of cheese, bread, and fillings

·         Plenty of butter for cooking

·         A large buffet table

·         A dedicated staff member to help residents warm and grill their sandwiches

·         Plates and napkins

Allow the residents to select their own bread, fillings, and cheese. Alternatively, you can also mention some pre-defined bread and topping combinations if you know your residents tend to be indecisive.

Here is a useful resource for making excellent combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Coffee Corner


Image source: Pixabay

Last, but not least, end the event with a warm cup of cappuccino. Use this time to ask the residents if they would like to see any changes or improvements in the community in the coming year!

For best results, ask specific questions about known problem areas (e.g. “What changes would you like to see in the community pool?” or “What can we do to improve the community park?”) You can also ask open-ended questions and/or invite residents to submit anonymous suggestions.

Make a Suggestion Box

Ask the residents to put in their suggestions and or complaints in the box. This way, residents’ concerns can be heard and improvements can be made in due course. Reassure the residents that all their suggestions will be read and discussed with management.


***BONUS*** For common themes or suggestions that come up, community voting (or voting on social media) can be done to see how many residents are in favor of a particular change or against it! Use the discussions you start during the event to fuel dialog with your residents year-round!


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